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"My mission is to sow seeds of God's beautiful truth all around the world through fashion; Win Souls for His Kingdom."


"I have a passion for Christ and a passion for fashion. The combination is perfect to use in an industry that impacts so many. I'm walking the runway of faith everyday. Who else is with me?"


Imagine This:


You are wearing some awesome shirt, hat, etc  with some super empowering bible verse (aren't they all ). Someone or some thousands see you. BOOM, seed(s) planted. Whether you are out getting a coffee, going to work, at your kids event, going shopping, at the gym or walking around town people will see the truth that shall set them free.


Don't even get me started with social media - like WOW!! Do you even get how many seeds can be planted JUST through fashion!?!


Souls for the kingdom, they are a comin'! Oh, man, I get so excited thinking about it!!  The more people that join this movement the greater number of souls being won. Are you ready to walk the runway of faith with me?  


Praise Report

I had a vision and it came to pass on February 11th, 2018.


We MADE IT on New York City Runway for 2018 FASHION WEEK!



We are just getting started.  


Check out a clip from New York Fashion Week 2018

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