All day. Everyday.

I know the dreams God has put on my heart but I did not always know how they were going to come to fruition - 🤷🏼‍♀️- That’s the beauty of a relationship with Jesus & faith in His word. The “how” doesn’t matter. 

That doesn’t mean that we sit back, wait & do nothing until all our dreams come true. Proverbs speaks a lot about how being “lazy” will not bring us a harvest. 

I know that Benevolence Boutique  is my calling. I know that my purpose is to use fashion to spread the Word of God & sow seeds of truth. However, This takes money. 

Now - there are zero limits on how God can provide- ZERO. Sometimes we reject the opportunities presented to us because it doesn’t look like what He has called us to do. We MUST remember HIS ways Are so much HIGHER & so much BETTER! 🤩

Most jobs I took I did not want to take but mama mel was a single mom & had bills to pay. I always thought that ministry looked a certain way for me - BUT - what I learned later on is that wherever I worked became my “mission field”.  Souls have been won - Praise God - & not bc of me but bc I was a willing vessel that needed a job.♥️

Through this journey of believing for God to provide all of my needs there were tons of trials. As always, God is faithful. He used people to bless me, He open doors of opportunities & kept me surrounded by great brothers & sisters of faith to keep me edified through the toughest of times (this still continues today). 

During a season of financial struggle I needed to build my website to get Benevolence started. I watched an amazing teaching and a light  bulb went off. “What’s in my hands?”  meaning “ What gifts and talents did God bless me with? I didn’t need thousands of dollars to have someone build the website for me I needed to use my gifts and talent & do it myself. Long story short - I did it - by the grace of God . 

The financial struggles didn’t stop there. To make a LONGER  story shorter God presented an olive branch to me so many times that I turned down. I turned it down bc it didn’t have anything to do with fashion or ministry - so I thought, in my limited thinking. Remember our mission field is everywhere we are. 

Arbonne. All I can say is thank you Jesus for Arbonne. I finally said YES to an opportunity that I did not “feel” was for me. This company affords an opportunity for everyone to flourish for over 40 YEARS - And YES that means YOU too!

I committed to Arbonnes 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond program & I have NEVER felt better! Arbonne truly focuses on the mind, body & skin connection. It makes SUCH a difference! 🤩

So I ask you - are you looking for an opportunity to work from wherever you are from your smart phone?

So many times I hear that parents would die for their children BUT why not LIVE healthier for them? 

Are you feeling stuck? Are you tired of the fad diets out there like I was? Are you looking to transition into a healthier, HAPPIER lifestyle that is actually sustainable? 

Or maybe you are looking for both; a business opportunity sharing products you use and love AND a healthier, sustainable lifestyle!? 

This may just be the answered prayer to open doors to those dreams in your heart. ️


We don’t always know the "how" but we need to be open that the answer to our prayer(s) may not come wrapped in the package we think it will.

Please feel free to to reach out to me with any questions. I would love to pay Arbonne forward. 



*all results are individual and there are no guarantees.. Visit earnings.arbonee.com for more info*

Arbonnes 30 Days to Healthy Living Program Overview by Dr. Tanda Cook